Discovering Burundi's Coffee Excellence

Burundi’s journey with coffee, originating in the 1920s, has evolved into a focused endeavor to enhance the quality and market value of its coffee. Despite economic challenges, the nation has prioritized improving coffee quality, produced mainly on smallholder farms without large estates. Our selected Bourbon variety embodies the highest quality, offering a complex and juicy berry fruit flavor profile that defines Burundi’s coffee.

The Roots of Coffee in Burundi

In a country with one of the lowest per capita incomes globally, Burundi’s coffee industry is a beacon of hope and economic potential. The emphasis on quality over quantity has led to progressive cultivation practices, primarily on smallholder farms, where no single large coffee estate exists. This approach has begun to create a strong emphasis on  each bean’s traceability and contributes to the overall enhancement of coffee quality from the region.

Innovations at The Long Miles Project

The Heza Coffee Washing Station, part of the Long Miles Coffee Project (LMCP), represents a significant advancement in coffee processing technology and methodology in Burundi. Constructed to accommodate microlot management, Heza Washing Station utilizes natural mountain spring water and a gravity-fed system to ensure efficient and eco-friendly coffee cherry processing. 


Sustainable Practices and Community Engagement

LMCP’s integration of community and sustainability is evident in its operations, which focus on fostering long-term relationships with local farmers. By buying cherries from designated hills and maintaining separation until quality assessment, LMCP ensures the uniqueness and traceability of each lot. Farmers associated with LMCP benefit from competitive pricing, bonuses, and extensive agricultural training provided by Coffee Scouts. This holistic approach not only improves coffee quality but also reinforces coffee farming as a sustainable livelihood in Burundi.


Through careful cultivation, innovative processing, and community-focused practices, our Burundi coffee offerings capture the essence of quality and dedication that Burundi’s coffee industry strives to uphold.


As a micro-lot roaster, these unique origins and sources are key to creating a unique, flavorful, and sustainble offering. 


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